John Pendleton is an award-winning illustrator, production artist and graphic designer with over 20 years' experience in publications, promotions, and visual training materials. He is experienced in all aspects of graphic arts, pre-press, and print media.

An innovative designer with a keen understanding of operational concepts and procedures, John is skilled at making complicated information easy to understand. He has a proven ability to help clients reduce operational costs and improve staff productivity. Not only is he customer service-focused and deadline-oriented, he has a pretty good sense of humor.

John's been around long enough to have used pens, brushes, ink, darkrooms, negative processors, typesetters, waxers, X-acto knives, scanners, macs and PCs to illustrate and illuminate.

"In the end, they're all just tools," he says. "The final product, the visual idea, is the only thing that counts. If it's not clear, no matter how current the file format or delivery media ... it just doesn't matter."